The Furry Bag Trend 2021

Autumn is well on its way and even though the temperatures haven’t fully dropped, we’re all getting our Autumn wardrobes ready for the change.  This season feels very special as its bringing with it a post-lockdown fashion edit.  Instead of thinking winter house clothes, we finally have a reason to update our wardrobes and to essentially utilize our handbags again.

Amongst the different fashion accessory trends on show this A/W season, there’s one bag trend that’s taken to the streets in a big way, and that’s the Furry Bag trend!

It’s certainly not a new trend, this statement bag keeps returning to the runways season after season and its among fashion’s top trending fashion accessories this season.  Plus they’re not just on-trend but also cute, soft and insanely huggable.

There are many styles to choose from casual crossbody bags and relaxed totes to adorable clutches.  It’s a must-have accessory for every fashionista! 

The furry bag trend is still reigning and these gorgeous bags will definitely brighten the dullest of autumn days.


Large Faux Fur Shoulder Bag

Adorably soft – Large Faux Fur Shoulder Bag

This lovely slightly over-sized bag will hold all of your everyday essentials.  It’s adjustable strap gives you enough length to convert it to a crossbody bag.  It’s offered in four beautiful colors.  It will definitely become your next go-to bag this season.

Women’s Leopard Print Shoulder Bag

If you love Animalier – Women’s Leopard Print Shoulder Bag

Animal prints are also trending this year so here you have a faux fur bag with a beautiful leopard print.  A real eye-catcher.

Women’s Luxury Messenger Crossbody Bag

What’s to say about this adorable looking bag with its gold clasp and chain strap.  It will look gorgeous with any outfit!

How to Store your Furry Bag

It may seem obvious how to store handbags, but when storing any type of fur or lambswool bags make sure you store them in a dry area and away from humidity so they don’t get ruined.

Avoid using plastic containers/bags as this can lead to moisture being trapped in the material and create mildew.

It’s very important that the bag can breathe, this will ensure it keeps its fluffy texture.  The best thing to use is a lightweight dust bag, ensuring it’s large enough so that it doesn’t feel squashed.

Another thing when storing fluffy bags please ensure they’re not packed too tightly between other things to ensure that the fur is not pressed.

It’s also a good idea to fill your handbags with soft tissue paper or recycled paper before putting them away.  This will way they’re sure to keep their shape, but be careful not to overstuff.

Finally, store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight to avoid the material from fading, drying out or cracking.


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