How to Keep your Handbag Organized!

Handbags are an essential part of our daily lives, yet more often than not they’re an endless pit.  If you’re tired of rummaging through your handbag for your keys, a pen or your smartphone, then you really need to organize your bag and in this post, I’ll show you how to organize your handbag and keep it that way!

The idea behind keeping your handbag neat and tidy is by giving everything a home and we’re going to talk about using a handbag organizer insert or zipper pouches.

How to Keep your Handbag Organized
how to keep your handbag organized

If everything is in its place, you’ll know exactly where to reach when you’re trying to find something, especially when you’re on the go!

System 1:  Organizer Inserts 

Items tend to move around in your purse, that’s why handbag inserts are a great solution that will allow you to keep everything in its place. 

With this system you’ll stop wasting time digging through your handbag trying to find your fave lippie or keys!

These Handbag Organizer Inserts have a pocket for just about everything.  They come in a few different shapes, sizes and even colors, so there’s really no excuse for having an untidy purse.


How many times have you been in a rush and surrendered to the idea of switching handbags to match your OOTD simply because you have too many essentials to reorganize in another bag and just don’t have the time?  We’ve all been there!

One great advantage of using an Organizer Insert is that you can quickly lift it out of one bag and place it into another, of like size.  If you’re anything like me, I switch handbags pretty often, as I like them to match my shoes, belt or another accessory I’m wearing.

This Insert not only makes switching handbags quick and easy, it ensures you avoid forgetting an essential item in the switch.  Just imagine, all your everyday items well-organized in these multi-pocket organizers, that you can easily switch from one handbag to another.  Brilliant!

These organizers also give shape to your totes so you can say bye-bye to floppy looking bags.


The Inserts are made of lightweight material so it won’t weigh you down.  Most are made from thick felt to ensure their sturdiness and keep their structure as well as cushion and safeguard your more delicate items.

Let’s take a look at the different types available to help you get organized:


Women's Large Handbag Organizer Insert
Women’s Large Handbag Organizer Insert

These felt purse organizers come in different sizes and in 8 colors.  They’re loved by designer bag fans as they fit into Louis Vuitton’s Speedy and Neverfull series. However their size fits various bags of similar style, just take note of the measurements.  It boasts 12 pockets, there are interior and external pockets and a detachable zipper pocket which can be chosen.  This particular organizer also features a detachable felt keychain too.


This felt insert fits perfectly into many popular handbags including the Alma styles.  Again this insert has many pockets to keep all your essentials neat and tidy. The felt cloth provides added protection to your more delicate items such as sunglasses, e-reader or small tablet.  This insert comes in four different colors.


This cute felt insert fits into many totes. It has a hasp closure on the two extremes and slits on both top sides creating a handle to lift your insert in and out of your handbag.  Great idea!


This Organizer Insert keeps everything at your fingertips.  It’s made from lightweight nylon and is waterproof, great for those accidental spills.  It fits into a variety of totes. Comes in different colors and has a ton of pockets for keeping all your everyday items.


Backpacks are difficult to keep neat and tidy. However, with this Felt Backpack Organizer it truly keeps it organized, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!  Another Insert made from lightweight quality felt to keep its shape. It comes in 2 different colors, black and beige. It boasts a zipper bag, an external pocket, 3 main pockets internally, 3 small pockets, and an elastic back pocket.

System 2:  Zipper Pouches

Another way to keep your purse organized is to compartmentalize things using zipper pouches.

You can use different sizes and colors – whatever works best for you and your essentials.  You may already have zipper pouches lying around your home. If not, take a look at the following styles to get inspired:


Great organizers, boasting 6 different sizes.


These glam little pouches are definitely stylish and will brighten up any bag.  Available in a variety of different colored stripes making organizing easy.


These soft velvet pouches are a real favorite with their own little compartments within.  An organizer in an organizer! LOL


Women's Transparent Striped Cosmetic Organizer Pouch
Women’s Transparent Striped Cosmetic Organizer Pouch

These PVC transparent pouches come in three different colors and in two sizes.  Easy to see what’s inside.

You can also create a system with the different pouches or with different color schemes so that you immediately know which pouch holds what you’re looking for.


Pull everything out of your handbag and sort your things into similar-item groups.  For example, lipstick, lipgloss and makeup | receipts | coupons/cards | phone/tablet accessories | mints, etc. This will help you see how many pouches you need and their respective size.

At this point, purge any items that don’t need to be in your purse.

Now that you analyzed what you need you can start to put things away.  Place the similar-items together into small pouches or into the organizer insert pockets, depending upon which system organizer you prefer to use.

This will keep everything tidy and easily recognizable and at your fingertips when you need to access them.

I recommend not using the same color and size pouches unless their transparent. This ensures that you can easily to see which pouch contains what you’re ultimately looking for.

A last tip is to decide which items you utilize the most, and place them in the most accessible pockets.

You choose how you wish to organize your organizer pockets and how to organize your pouches.  The latter may be placed vertically or horizontally, depending upon the size of your pouches and your handbag.

You’ve Successfully Organized your Purse!

There you go!  You have successfully organized your handbag.  Instead of randomly throwing your daily essentials into your bag, you’ve created a system. It will be easy to maintain, and save you time and frustration!

How to Keep your Handbag Organized
photo credit: Dina Nasyrova. Keeping your handbag organized makes your life a whole lot easier

I hope you’ve been inspired in some way to organize your handbag.  Try it, and see what a difference it will make to your daily routine.  No matter which system you prefer, whether you’re using a Handbag Organizer Insert or using multiple zipper pouches of different sizes, when you keep your handbag organized you’ll undoubtedly make your life a whole lot easier when you’re out and about.

There’s always a huge amount of articles written about how to organize your home. However it’s essential to be organized even when you’re away from home.  Having an organized handbag will keep you on top of everything. You’ll be able to find your wallet, phone or car keys quickly without having to rummage through your bag, and wasting precious time.

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