How To Dress Stylishly Everyday


Dressing stylishly and looking great everyday shouldn’t be a chore but it should be fun and most of all it should be your default. So here’s your 6 step guide on How to Dress Stylishly Everyday.

Getting dressed in the morning should be enjoyable and revitalizing.  You’re starting a new day and you want to set it off to a great start with a positive and confident attitude!

Taking care of yourself and dressing with outfits that you love will make you feel more beautiful because beauty is something we can all achieve if we put our minds to it.  You want to smile back at yourself when you look in the mirror each morning and be ready for the day ahead!

So let’s dive in and take a look at how to dress stylishly everyday and looking great not just on special occasions or when you’re catching up with friends.  You want to look your best all the time and you want to do this for YOU!  You deserve to feel fantastic every day.  This basic guide will show you how to dress with style, look great, and feel better as well as help you evaluate your wardrobe.


Most of us don’t have much time in the morning what with getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school, making breakfast, etc.  More often than not, you’re running late, and end up frantically grabbing different pieces from your wardrobe and putting together an outfit you’re not really happy with.  You end up leaving the house less confident and feeling frazzled!

How can you start your day like this and feel fantastic??  It’s certainly not good for your ego or your confidence.

How to Dress stylishly everyday.  choose your outfit the night before
Organize your outfits the night before Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio

So the first step is to prepare the next day’s outfit the night before.  A bit of forethought is necessary.  I always look at the weather forecast to check if I need a heavier jacket or an umbrella, if I need to wear tights because it may be cooler than today, etc., and I suggest you do the same.  You don’t want to wake up in the morning having to change your outfit idea at the last minute because the weather has changed.


Making sure your clothes fit properly is one of the most important points in being stylish.

How to dress with style
Choose a clothes size that fits – not to large or too small. Photo credit: Logan Weaver

What do I mean by this?  The clothes you wear shouldn’t be too large or too small.  Ensure your clothes fit you correctly and that they fall correctly.  Unless you’re following a trendy look or the trouser style is flowy, baggy pants due to the size being too big for instance are not flattering.  Pay attention to the sleeve length when you’re buying a jacket.  Unless the style has a three-quarter sleeve, the length should reach your wrist bone.

Not all clothes are flattering! Photo credit: Arten Makarov


Are your best features being accentuated? Do your clothes define your figure?  Do they make you look taller, shorter or slimmer?  Do your outfits make you look frumpy? Is the outfit just okay or great?

Take a look at your wardrobe, try things on and ask yourself those questions when you look at yourself in the mirror.  No matter your body shape, you want a defined waistline and you want outfits that make you look and feel wonderful.  Defining your waistline and bust will instantly make you feel sexier.


Take a look at the fabrics, the patterns, styles, the color and proportions of your outfits.  Do they look well together?  Do they look balanced and coordinated?

Try to balance out the shape of your outfit.  If you love wearing slouchy sweaters on your off-duty days, pair them with leggings or a pencil skirt.  The form-fitting leggings are balanced with the loose fitting top.

Don’t put too many patterns together.  It’s not easy to pull off if you’re not experienced and the outfit will end up looking awful and mismatched. 


Each color has many different shades and they don’t all complement each other.  If you’re not sure download a color chart. 

Apart from some colors not complementing one another, not all colors may suit you.

Generally speaking we are either a cool or warm color person and this is determined by our skin complexion, hair and eye color.  Cool colors are blues, pinks and purples.  Warm colors are reds, browns, orange and yellows.

It’s possible to wear both warm and cool colors, however you’ll notice that you will typically look better in one set over the other. 

Have you ever noticed how some colors make you look more radiant than others? 

How to dress stylishly everyday.  Coordinate colors
Color coordination is an important aspect when going for a stylish look Photo credit: Roland Denes

Now look at the colors you’re wearing.  Are they bright, subdued or contrasting?  Colors can also affect your mood so choose colors to suit your disposition or to accentuate and make a statement.  If your feeling happy and exhilarated, wearing a total black outfit could thwart your mood.  At the same time, if you’re feeling down, don’t wear black.  Instead wear one of your favorite colored outfits and add some gorgeous accessories.

Enhance your mood with clothing and fashion accessories.  It’s a great pick-me-up. 


Never judge a book by its cover however first impressions are everything.  So ensure that you give the impression you want with your outfits.

Consider where you’re going and if the outfit you’re going to wear will give the right message to the people you will be interacting with.  Take a look at yourself and change something if you feel that it might be out of place in your outfit.

When putting together your outfit of the day, the main thing to consider is what type of outfit does it call for.  Is it a busy day at the office full of meetings?  Will you need to appear confident and powerful?  Or are you getting ready for an off-duty day with your besties?

how to dress stylishly everyday.  wear attire to suit your day's schedule
Wear attire to suit your day’s schedule Photo credit: Cristina Wocinthechchat

Now decide whether you prefer pants, a skirt or a dress?  If you decide with pants or a skirt, what sort of top will you match with it?  A silk blouse or a classic white shirt.  Are you planning on wearing a short jacket or blazer?  Tuck your shirts in, this will define your figure unless it’s a figure hugging style.

Once you’ve chosen your outfit, the next step is to choose your shoes and accessories.  Fashion accessories definitely make an outfit come alive adding a bit of glam and sparkle. 

A simple black dress is instantly chic with a gorgeous necklace and bracelet.  Your basic jeans and tee ensemble immediately look stylish if you add a belt, a dainty necklace, a couple of bracelets and a fashion watch.

And don’t forget to match the metal colors.  If your belt has a gold buckle, wear gold colored jewelry and this goes for your shoes too.  If your loafers have chain embellishments ensure the color matches your belt buckle and jewelry as well.

how to dress stylishly everyday even on your off duty days
Fashion accessories make all the difference! Photo credit: Sule Makaroglu

If you’re wearing colorful jewelry make sure it matches and complements the outfit.

At first it may take you a bit of time to put your outfits together, but it will become easier.  Now that you have the basics you’ll begin to analyze and understand what enhances your look to make you look stylish and feel confident. 


This last step on dressing stylishly everyday is one of the most important and that is being well groomed.  Now what do I mean by this? 

For one, keeping your nails neat and tidy.  You don’t need to have a professional manicure done each week, do it yourself.  Add a touch of clear or light colored polish, they will immediately look fab.  This goes for your toes too, especially during summer when they’re constantly on show.  Never step out with chipped nail polish!

how to dress stylishly everyday.  keep your nails manicured
Well manicured nails make all the difference photo credit: Damir Spanic

Your hair should be clean and neat at all times.  If you’re not happy with your hairstyle get a new look.  Talk to your hairdresser and ask them to style a cut to suit your face shape and figure.

Add a dash of makeup.  Makeup should be used to enhance your look.  If you don’t like wearing a lot of makeup, at least use mascara to give your eyes more definition and just a touch of colored lipgloss.  You’ll be amazed at what a difference it will make.

Perhaps you’d like to reshape your eyebrows or try a new lipstick color, a different shade of blush all these can improve and change the way you look.  Have fun trying different colors and make sure they match your outfit.

I hope this guide on how to dress stylishly everyday will help you and if you have any questions just drop a line in the comments.  I’d be glad to help.

Remember, beauty is not perfection, beauty is YOU!

So dress stylishly, look great every day and feel confident!

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